Click Here to read the APCA's amicus brief that was filed before the NLRB regarding the NWU vs. CAPA case.

You contributed to the purest collection of comments by current and former student athletes ever to be assembled.









The Association for the Protection of Collegiate Athletes (APCA) was founded to be the primary resource center for men and women who play sports at the collegiate level and, specifically, on athletic teams sanctioned by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (“NCAA”). Collegiate athletes are often immersed in misinformation. The APCA aims to be student athletes center for reliable and accurate information. Our ultimate goal is to provide the information student athletes need to make knowledgeable decisions about what school to attend, the rights and obligations they have when on their collegiate team, and how to use their athletic experience to find a job when they graduate.

The APCA does not differentiate or prioritize services based on NCAA Division, sport, or gender. 

Our promise to student athletes is simple – we will never charge current, former or prospective student athletes for any of our services and we will always try to provide as much information relevant to collegiate sports as possible.

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