Given the size and variety of collegiate sports, the services provided by the APCA need to relate to all athletes, regardless of sport, team, division, gender and market value. The activities listed below represent the organization’s initial focus.

APCA School Ranking Reports

Check out what’s already been done and what’s on the horizon for 2015 here.

The rankings are based on a formula developed by the APCA following interviews and surveys with current and past students who are playing or have participated in collegiate sports. The formula emphasizes not only success on the field, but also treatment of players and academic integrity.

The APCA hopes its ranking system will encourage schools to adopt and emphasize policies that benefit their student athletes and provide prospective student athletes with a more complete understanding of the school's program.

Today, there is no other single source where this aggregated data is readily available, transparent and entirely focused on student athletes.

Eventually, the APCA will fill this void by providing separate School Ranking Reports for every sport, within every division. Given the current size of the APCA's team, compounded with the wealth of data being gathered from disparate locations, only two or three sports can be ranked a season. As APCA continues to grow, so will the number of reports being generated on a seasonal basis.


APCA Tuition & Scholarship Calculator

The APCA’s Tuition & Scholarship Calculator will help current and prospective student athletes, their parents and other interested parties identify the true cost of attending a school and, if applicable, the real difference between the annual cost of attending a school and what’s really covered by an offered scholarship. Many are unaware that there aren’t any actual “full-ride” scholarships. Many student athletes who believe they are on a full-ride actually find themselves thousands of dollars in debt after graduation.

The calculator is free for any one to use. The calculator can also be accessed on mobile devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads.


APCA Career Talent Portal

Many collegiate athletes admit they spend their summers training for their next season. While most would take a great internship opportunity, many have admitted they prefer to spend their summer volunteering so they have time to train for their next season. Furthermore, student athletes often find they are unable to attend on-campus career fairs and other career related activities due to time conflicts with practice or travel to away games. The APCA Career Talent Pool will be a website that enables student athletes to use their experience playing a collegiate sport to help them find employment upon graduation. And, it will enable employers to identify and correspond with young men and women who have demonstrated many of the skills and characteristics essential in the workplace.


APCA Online Database of School Student Athlete Policies

The APCA is gathering school policies that affect student athletes, such as the athletic department policy for concussions, healthcare, medical insurance, financial support for rehabilitation and long-term scholarship guarantees. Many of these policies are not available until an injury or poor performance on the field occurs. Too often, student athletes are left unaware of the consequences of getting injured and are entirely at the mercy of their school. The APCA will post on its website school policies we receive from the school’s athletic departments or pull from school's student athlete handbooks. We hope that this level of transparency will encourage all schools not only to adopt concrete policies but also to make them more public, helping both current and prospective student athletes.


APCA Guides

The APCA recognizes the trouble some may have in understanding the 300+ page NCAA rules and regulations manuals. Not only are there three separate manuals for each division, but there are also individual regulations for different sports. And these manuals change on an annual basis. While a few student athletes may read some portion of the appropriate manual once during their entire collegiate athletic career, few are likely to understand all of the rules that could apply to their experience. The APCA will create reviews of these manuals that identify and outline regulations that student athletes are most likely to violate. While the APCA understands there is no better source than the NCAA manuals themselves, these APCA Guides will put the information into a format that’s easier to understand and digest.


Mistreatment Inquiries & Timeline

The APCA is in the process of creating this service. In coming months, the APCA will create an online portal for student athletes. This online submission portal will allow those who believe they are being mistreated, either on the field or off, to report a violation, seek assistance, or request that an inquiry by the APCA be initiated.

Additionally, a timeline will also be maintained that describes and tracks instances of mistreatment. Much of the known abuse today revolves around DI athletics, but there is a lot happening in Division II and Division III that should be addressed. The APCA hopes that over time, the portal will not only increase awareness about player mistreatment and abuse, but also encourage change in the policies towards and treatment of student athletes.


Informational roundtables

The APCA is in the process of creating this service. The APCA will conduct state and regional roundtable sessions for prospective student athletes, their parents, and other interested parties like high school head coaches and trainers. These sessions will review current NCAA regulations, the misconceptions and realities of the recruiting process, and other pertinent information that prospective student athletes and their parents should know in advance of committing to a school.